Rwanda: Kigeme Photo Gallery

Photo portfolios

In 2019, we commissioned the humanitarian photographer Edoardo Santangelo, to document the impact of the HEED energy interventions on the displaced community living in Kigeme refugee camp, Rwanda. The interventions saw a community co-design of sustainable communal solar street lighting, as well as provision of free energy access across the settlement. After discussing where to situate the multi-function solar street lights, the community decided that communal charging sockets in the playground would be an important asset for the communities. By offering a free entry point for energy to charge their mobile phones, the residents were not only no longer paying at stalls to charge phones, but also the community was involved in maintaining and securing the charging boxes. In letting the community have ownership of the interventions encouraged the idea that community organisation is possible, and residents can be central in making change happen.These images capture different stages of the project to become stories of change.

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