Rwanda: Nyabiheke Photo Gallery

Photo portfolios

In 2019, we commissioned the humanitarian photographer Edoardo Santangelo, to document the impact of the HEED energy interventions on the displaced community living in Nyabiheke refugee camp, Rwanda. The provision of solar street lighting and solar lanterns to residents is by far the most impactful element of HEED. These lights can be considered life-changing as it is a means by which refugees can move from recipients to participants through increased energy capacity in the camp. In Nyabiheke the provision of energy and communal lights in the Village Hall has produced positive changes to the communal well-being through community self-organisation. This is evidenced by the way residents are working together to find solutions to safeguard facilities and in the use of lights in the Village Hall for social events, such as dancing, collective watching TV and karate club so that the community can find and share a common interest.The interventions were a needs assessment and co-design of sustainable communal solar street lighting, as well as provision of free energy access across the settlement. These images capture different stages of the project to become stories of change.

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