Lighting the Way: the Contributions of Solar Lighting to Refugee Security, Self-reliance and Integration in Rwanda

Webinar Series and Presentations

Webinar Wednesday, 24 March 2021, 1:00–2:00 (GMT)

Lighting the way: the contributions of solar lighting to refugee security, self-reliance and integration in Rwanda
Keynote: Professor Heaven Crawley, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations
Chair: Dr Messaoud Saidani, Associate Head of the School of Energy, Construction and Environment (ECE)

In this webinar, Professor Heaven Crawley will introduce research from the EPSRC funded Humanitarian Engineering and Energy for Displacement (HEED) project. This project united researchers to seek innovative responses to the growing recognition of the need to improve access to energy, particularly renewable energy sources, for populations displaced by conflict and natural disasters. In this session, Heaven will focus on the work conducted in the refugee camps in Rwanda.

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