Stakeholders Thematic E-Consultation UN High Level Dialogue on Energy

Webinar Series and Presentations

The High-level Dialogue on Energy held on September 2021, is the first global gathering on energy under the auspices of the United Nations General Assembly since 1981. In the lead up to the event, UN DESA in collaboration with the Dialogue Co-Chairs organised a series of online briefings, which included opportunities for stakeholder participation and contribution. The stakeholders were from a broad range of sectors, including non-governmental organizations, civil society, academic institutions, the scientific community, local and regional governments, and the private sector. HEED contributed to the Stakeholders Thematic E-Consultation, an e-consultation held between 8 April and 7 May 2021, which asked stakeholders for input on the five overarching themes of the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy. Drawing upon their work in the displaced setting, HEED inputted on three of the themes: Energy access, Enabling SDGs through inclusive and just energy transitions, and Innovation, technology, and data.

Download here Stakeholders Thematic EConsultation UN High Level Dialogue on Energy Summary Report pdf

The recording of the online technical dialogue, 3 June 2021 shows a variety of global stakeholders presenting their challenges, successes and recommendations in achieving SDG 7. HEED, represented by Dr Alison Halford, contributed to the debate on ‘Enabling SDGs through inclusive and just energy transitions’. She discussed the need for refugees to have the training to support the sustainability and ownership of energy systems. Alison also spoke about how framing women and girls as passive users of energy rather than agents of change contributed to inequality in access and services and called for putting women at the centre of designing new energy systems.

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