Design for Displacement (D4D) workshop 2nd October 2018

On Tuesday the 2nd of October HEED hosted its third and final Design for Displacement (D4D) workshop at Coventry University. Leading the workshop was Professor Heaven Crawley and  it was attended by a wide range of stakeholders and academics.  The keynote speaker of the day was Dr Glalda Lahn from Chatham House, who focused on the importance of building a robust body of data on energy use.  Following from Dr Lahn presentation, members of the HEED team provided information about the role of engineering and IoT in developing evidence based claims, which can substantiate innovation in developing efficiency and sustainability in energy services. There was also a chance for workshop delegates to be hands-on with various intervention design models. The workshop was highly successful and generated a great deal of lively and informed discussions on the extent renewable energy can provide solutions to energy poverty for displaced people and refugees. To learn more about the presentations and topics please go to our engagement page.

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