Coventry University Field Visit to Rwanda

Professors Elena Gaura and Heaven Crawley from Coventry University have been in Rwanda undertaking field visits to the three refugee camps (Nyabiheke, Gihembe and Kigeme) that are the focus of the HEED project’s work with our local partners at Practical Action. The purpose of the field visits was to meet with MIDIMAR, UNHCR, international organisations working in the camps and refugees themselves to explore the contexts within which the project’s energy interventions which will be implemented from January 2019 onwards.  You can find out more about HEEDs work in Rwanda here. The team will be presenting their initial ideas for discussion with key policy and practice stakeholders and energy providers at the first Design for Displacement (D4D) workshop which will be held in Kigali on 4th and 5th September. Details of the D4D workshop can be found here.
Refugee Housing
Views of Gihembe
Heaven, Elena and Jean-Claude Nshimiyimana (Practical Action) visiting the field.



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