Project team

HEED Partners 2017-2020

Practical Action

Practical Action is our delivery partner on the ground in Rwanda and Nepal. Practical Action is working towards a world where all people have access to the technologies that enable them to meet their basic needs and improve their lives in a way that safeguards the planet today, and for future generations.


Scene was instrumental in the development of the RERT tool, the Data Portal, and delivered workshops on the energy interface interventions. Scene, a social enterprise, works across the renewable energy and energy access sectors to strengthen communities through consultancy, research and development of ICT products.

Melania Tarquino, HEED Project manager, practical Action
Vijay Bhopal, Director, Scene
Sandy Robinson, Research Manager, Scene
Dr Rembrnadt Koppelaar Scene
Jordan Silverman, Software Designer, Scene

Technical Advisory Board 2017 -2020

The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) supported the HEED project through providing independent technical advice and direction that maintained the integrity and reach of the project. As academic experts and practitioners in the field of renewable energy the Board  reviewed the scientific scope of the research to improve objectives and impact of the project findings.

Prof Kirk Martinez, TAB Chair (Southampton University) 

Owen Grafham (Chatham House)

Prof Sarah Darby (Oxford University)

Dr Ross Wilkins

Dr Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen (Oxford University)